Tetractys Partners

Expert Witness Services

Tetractys offers “expert witness” services for matters relating to the application and operation of UK and Irish financial services regulation and also the training obligations for firms that arise under this legislation via its Managing Partner, Gary Pitts.

Mr Pitts is a provisional Member of the Expert Witness Institute, verifiable by his Institute register entry here: https://www.ewi.org.uk/Find-an-Expert/Expert-Details?entityid=f9def006-de97-ed11-aad1-0022481b5cc9, having completed 20 hours of specialist training relating to court proceedings and the role and function of the expert witness. He is now on track for full Membership. He maintains specific indemnity insurance related to his expert witness work.

Mr Pitts is available for civil and criminal cases relating to the application of UK and Irish financial services regulations and will act for individuals as well as firms. His particular areas of expertise in relation to financial services regulation include:

  • Market abuse and insider dealing
  • Appropriateness of training
  • Hedge funds
  • Asset Management
  • Securities Brokerage
  • Consumer Credit
  • Financial promotions
  • Cyber security


Contact Gary for a consultation directly or at [email protected]