Governance. Compliance. Assurance.

Tetractys Partners LLP is a boutique compliance and governance consultancy which was formed in 2013 by Gary Pitts, a senior compliance and governance professional of some 20 years’ experience.

We believe that everything flows from good governance – be it effective compliance with regulations, business or cultural change or the effective and sustainable development and growth of an organisation.

Click on the links below to discover more about our bespoke services to financial firms, corporates and charities:


Financial Services

This is the bedrock of our experience. We offer a full suite of highly cost-effective services and solutions in regulatory compliance for the financial services industry, with a particular focus on the smaller wholesale sector. Find out more here 

Corporate Governance

Good corporate governance not only enables firms to meet regulatory requirements, it also reduces the cost of capital and makes them nimbler at handling crisis issues such as social media criticism. We offer a broad range of services from Board evaluation and governance structure review, through developing crisis management strategies and anti-bribery controls and training. Find out more here


Tetractys staff are encouraged to take on charity trustee roles so they can bring a sympathetic perspective to the work that they undertake for charities. We focus on governance and Board effectiveness – helping charities to build diverse and effective Boards that can go on to provide effective, inspirational leadership and deliver the charities’ objectives cost-effectively. Find out more here

Thought Leadership

Tetractys produces regular Client Briefings on regulatory changes and opportunities that are of interest to its client base. We also produce practical guides to complying with key areas of regulation that affect our clients, and we also invite our partner firms to write Guest Briefings for our clients.

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